Captain Picard’s “ten hour movie” of a television program on CBS All Access

According to a recent interview with Yahoo! Entertainment, legendary actor Patrick Stewart claims the new “Captain Picard” centered show on CBS All Access will be designed to feel more like an extended feature film movie than the episodic programming that will actually be delivered to audience later this year. To be more precise, Stewart describes the first season to be one long story of his character dealing with the sudden turmoil after the fall of the Romulan Empire. For those who watched Star Trek: The Next Generation television show or the fourth movie spin-off Star Trek Nemesis will know the Romulans were a prominent thorn in the side for the Federation.

After thinking he was completely finished portraying the famous science fiction captain, he was reeled back in by CBS and Alex Kurtzman, the show’s producer, with roughly a sixteen page long story treatment of how the season would play out. Upon reading the document, he was set to make his return to the iconic role after a seventeen year long absence.

In the meantime, viewers can re-watch all seven seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation television program on Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video (content is available on all three platforms as of January 30th).

Source: Yahoo! Entertainment.

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