Comscore Set To Launch New Cross-Platform Solution for Measuring the Scope and Audience Reach of Movies

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Movies Everywhere reporting will capture box-office performance, demographics, and marketing effectiveness for the lifespan of movies.

Comscore, a trusted partner for planning, transacting, and evaluating media across platforms, has announced Comscore Movies Everywhere, the next generation of cross-screen measurement. It will deliver daily reporting for sales regardless of release windows and platform. This will include a new reporting system to track box office movie performance across all platforms. The new product will bring together for the first time Comscore’s census-based box office and transactional video measurement capabilities and will build on the company’s strong heritage of creating breakthrough measurement solutions. Comscore’s granular and advanced audience information will now be seamlessly connected across the box office, transactional on-demand video, OTT rentals, and streaming views.

The prestige, exclusivity, and revenue-generating power of movie theaters is undeniable. Given the ever-increasing complexities of the marketplace, solutions like Movies Everywhere will measure a movie’s box office performance in combination with demographics, audience sentiment, and consumer behavior from the all-important big-screen theatrical presentation to the small screen multi-platform release. It will be essential for the strategic initiatives and decision-making process for companies across the entire entertainment ecosystem.

“The undeniable reality is that the pandemic has forced us all to throw out conventional wisdom and take a fresh look at how we operate,” said Chris Aronson, President of Domestic Distribution at Paramount Pictures. “We’re confident that people are going to return to theaters in force. But with more consumer choices for content consumption means we need new solutions to truly understand audience behavior as they engage with content on their terms and their screens. One thing that hasn’t changed is that the customer is always right. We all have to adapt.”

In another significant enhancement, Comscore will provide the ability to track and synthesize the demographics of moviegoers and individuals who viewed advertisements. In the face of rapidly-evolving media consumption patterns, studios can benefit from having this critical intelligence – including audience information available at both the national and regional levels – to identify behavioral trends that can help inform optimal release windows.

“We’ve seen incredible changes in audience behavior over the past year in the way that people consume content. As a result, the industry needs to reinvent the way we capture audience engagement,” said Erik Lomis, President of Distribution, United Artists Releasing. “We are excited to see that Comscore is staying ahead of the curve when it comes to measuring movie performance. Going forward, it will be essential to have a complete picture of how content is performing across platforms.”

“We look forward to continuing to set new measurement standards that harnesses our decades of unmatched box office and transactional video information,” said Bill Livek, CEO, Comscore. “Just as we delivered the first transparent studio share reports and the first Movies on Demand promo conversion analysis, we are once again innovating to provide studios the consideration needed to reinvent their strategies and thrive in this new era. We are uniquely positioned to deliver smarter audience insights that will ultimately help the entire ecosystem succeed.”

Comscore Movies Everywhere will be the latest in a series of product innovations the company has developed during the COVID-19 pandemic; this includes a new and improved movie reporting and analytics suite and the release of its next-generation movie theater management system.