Movie Review Weekly Roundup: April 18 – April 24, 2021

News of the World (2020) directed by Paul Greengrass, starring Tom Hanks, Helena Zengel, and Ray McKinnon.

The following is part of a weekly compilation of movie reviews from The Buzz Track staff. These movies were watched in the previous week, and the reviews were originally posted on Letterboxd.

News of the World (2020)

DIRECTOR: Paul Greengrass.
WRITERS: Paul Greengrass, Luke Davies, Paulette Jiles (book).
GENRES: Action, Adventure, Drama.
LENGTH: 1h 58min.
LANGUAGE: English, Kiowa, German.
WHERE TO RENT: JustWatch or Prime Video.
★★★★☆ | WATCHED: April 18, 2021.

Tom Hanks is an American treasure. We do not mind sharing him with the rest of the world because he is kind, generous, and makes everyone happy. An interesting tidbit about this movie would be about Helena Zenge, his young co-star, who did not know how famous Hanks truly is before working with him (source). It is great to see Tom Hanks act in a traditional western. I honestly enjoyed watching it. And I do intend to view it a second or third time again down the line.

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