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Review: Russian Ark (2002)

Shot in a single ninety minute take utilizing a Steadicam and a high-definition video camera, Russian Ark is a wonderful sight to watch.

Irréversible (2002)

The film has succeeded in disturbing me right to the core about the events that occur so often in our world that we would tune it all out like any other reoccurring background noise. It is sad, yet very true.

The Aviator (2004)

The Aviator is well done and completely entertaining as it currently stands. I doubt there would be anything worthwhile that I would be able to change about the film in which could serve as an improvement.

Shutter Island (2010)

There is a certain appeal about a movie with a story filled with dark thematic elements and a production design that pushes the dark end of a visual scheme. The look and feel of all the elements that are present in a film noir movie is what draws me into watching it with interest.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (2009)

To say that it is a film for children would be stating the obvious, but surprisingly the movie Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (2009) was something that I walked away from with a smile on my face. The movie that was produced for kids to enjoy turned out to be a funny movie for the adult crowd as well.

Lions for Lambs (2007)

Lions for Lambs (2007)

When Lions for Lambs (2007) was theatrically released I was hesitant to go and watch it, because of the recent erratic and unique behavior of one of the film’s major stars: Tom Cruise. In this film, he’s not the solo heavyweight actor who carries the entire production upon his shoulders. Cruise is joined by fellow … Continue reading Lions for Lambs (2007)

Burn After Reading (2008)

A Critique of Three Comedic Films

There are three films that I have recently watched that I thought would be in the best interest to write about their commonality. These three comedy films are best associated with the artistic nature and history of the directors who have helmed each one. These four directors, listed alongside their respective film titles, are Joel Coen and Ethan Coen, Burn After Reading (2008), Frank Capra, It Happened One Night (1934), and Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Amélie (2001).

Cormac McCarthy’s “The Road”

Despite the lack of a traditional arc that would build an emotional and character development as the reader is accustomed to witnessing, there is an ongoing tension of survival for the two main characters.

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