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In the future, everybody will be world famous for fifteen minutes.

Andy Warhol

The now famous quote was originally printed in an exhibition catalog for Andy Warhol’s work, which had been placed on display at the Moderna Museet in Stockholm, Sweden, in February of 1968. Presently, there are two diverging conduits that have proven the quote to be a insightful prophecy. Reality television and the internet are presently turning every low level peasant into a recognizable figure of royalty for fifteen minutes.

A mere flash in the pan for the majority of those whom are called upon for their moment in the spotlight, however, some of these people actually hold their own weight in intelligence, or talent, or both that will carry him or her past the short lived spotlight of “fifteen minutes” of fame.

In the old ways of garnering notoriety and public fame for personal talent and intelligence a person would have to rise like the cream of the crop, one level at a time, through a more traditional form of mass communications. Over the last several hundred years these acceptable forms of the traditional media would include radio, television, newspaper, magazines, music, and movies. Each one as an individual standpoint is referred to as a medium.

Within each medium the powers of control can hype up any individual, event, or topic of interest. However, in the present state of the internet and reality television it is the general public that can guide the direction in which the compass of interest is pointed. The powers of control, in the traditional sense, are no longer the stronghold gatekeepers of public communications as they once were.

Definition provided by Merriam-Webster

These executives of power, in their present form, can still persuade and influence the public through various means of propaganda, emotional provocation, and artificially heightened drama. However, their influence has been weakened in the current era of the Internet. It is now the age of inexpensive mass communication readily accessible by the general public to broadcast their individual voice at a fraction of the price tag.

The Buzz Track is intended to be a website dedicated to the observation of trending interests in the realm of American pop culture at the discretion of the site operators. Although the quantification of topical interests floating back and forth among the billions of people living in the North American continent alone, there is only so much coverage this blog site will be able focus upon.

Any particular element that is a topic of interest within the realm of pop culture, entertainment, and national news that garners the personal attention of the content producers for The Buzz Track will be posted here on this site.

The simple intention of sharing these articles with you, the reader, is to serve the purpose of communal enjoyment. It is within the nature of human beings to form together in collective hives with the center point of mutual interests and desires serving as the social glue between them.

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